"Alive with genuine wit, revolt and yearning, the Manitoban has endowed Catcher's songs with soul. It has all the grit and messiness that come with being real, and that's exactly what makes her music memorable." (Exclaim.ca)
"her bright, yet warm falsetto singing style and charismatic folk-pop musings reveal a deeper meaning every listen" (Winnipeg Free Press).

Awkwardly Charming. Feed the Birds will make you fall in love.

RainBow Trout Music Festival Never one to mince words, Rheanna Melnick’s lyrics are poignant and topical, yet all at once ambiguous enough to let you make your own mind up as to what, exactly, that she might be referring. It could be about anyone. It could be about you. It’s simple, catchy music that flows straight from the heart; deeply honest without taking itself too seriously.

Feed the Birds indie pop songwriting leans on folk traditions while kicking outa rock and roll swagger. Her lyrical fragility combined with rhythmic sense create a smooth folk mixed with a sweet organic pop swing. The chunky guitar grooves mixed with swift but sweet pull at your heards strings emotion.

Think: Open prairie skies and rhythmic farm machinery sounds.

You will sing-a-long with arms waving over your head.