Catcher - The Story

It was mid July.

Rheanna Melnick quit her job as a delivery driver/prep cook at a Winnipeg bakery, drove her rusted up car to Minnedosa, Manitoba and spent a week recording music for an intended she had tentatively called “Catcher”.
Feed the Birds on the Street
It was hot in the valley.

With a budget of close to zero, family ties and help from Mom and Dad funded Rheanna’s first ‘Feed the Birds’ album. Rheanna and Ben, her older brother, began the project with gusto but the neighbours constantly mowing their lawns, trains echoing through the valley shaking the walls of the trailer home recording studio, and small town boys in big trucks spending summer nights roaring through the small town made the lone week of recording “Catcher” trying.

Four days in Rheanna decided to take a breather and drove another two and half hours to her parents place; sat in the quiet for a day and then brought her younger brother, Dustin, back with her to Minnedosa to complete the project.
Feed the Birds Sunglasses
The siblings recorded eleven songs in seven days and didn’t kill each other. Percussive farm machinery rhythms served as inspiration when the trio decided a washboard, a kazoo and a jar of mismatched coins were a perfect fit on several of the tracks.

After just over a week in the country, Rheanna returned to Winnipeg, jobless and with an almost complete album. One more marathon day of recording followed with Rheanna’s adopted Winnipeg brothers - Neil, Jon and Steve - (fueled by homemade hamburgers) adding gang vocals, drums, trombone and cello as the finishing touches on Catcher.

A mix of folk pop and punk rock, Feed the Birds is about to take flight.

Pic from CD jacket